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Play Against or Join the BGC Half-Life Clan (Last Updated 10/31/23)

The clan name of “BGC” stands for “Best Game Codes” and besides being the name of this website with articles on different games, some of which are not types of Half-Life, it also can be thought of as a code of honor when playing Half-Life as we live by the good sportsmanship code as explained in the “The Philosophy” article and we also use codes when playing Half-Life (such as for our configs and autoexecs) to be better players and also better admins of any server where we have admin powers.

We specialize mostly in playing regular Half-Life and mostly the BGC System of Crossfire but also to a lesser extent the BGC System of Boot_Camp but also sometimes play TFC on the map Rock2, and to a lesser extent 2Fort and Well (those 3 TFC maps modified by not allowing the HWGuy Class or Sniper Class) and Hunted (with HWGuy class still not allowed but with Sniper Class now allowed (as there’s no other way to play that map)).

You are not required to play with “(BGC)” at the end of your name except for in a clan battle, but we prefer you always play with “(BGC)” at the end of your name. A clan title at the end of your name besides showing what clan you are a member of also helps set your name apart as being you especially if you have a common name that people play as or common first name people have in real life. We also allow membership in other clans at the same time that you are a member of the BGC clan, so we allow “dual clan membership” or if you are a member of more than 2 clans “multiple clan membership.” You are not required to always play with the same name but are encouraged to as that makes things simpler and easier to keep track of so it’s best to just brainstorm and pick a good name and then stick with it. I’m clan leader and clan founder and website owner and I always play as “Nate (BGC)” as there’s no rule that you can’t play as the same name you go by in real life and while people don’t usually do that I figure “why not.”

This clan is one of only a small percentage of clans that actually has a website which provides “prestige” and “street cred” and helps show the level of commitment I have as clan leader to my clan that I took the time, effort, and money to make this website happen.

While there’s different schools of thought on sharing information on how to be a better Half-Life player, one way to look at is they are your opponents and so you don’t want them to get better at being able to kill you, the other way is they are part of the fellowship of playing the sport of this game and if they are better able to kill you that makes them more of a challenge to kill and therefore are more fun and captivating to play with and I look at it mostly the second way, but you as a member of the BGC clan (or even a visitor of this site that’s not a member of the BGC clan) are under no obligation to share information with other players or keep information secret from other players by that matter either, so in other words: tell or don’t tell whoever you like.

If you’re not familiar with what a clan is it’s not something dark and scary and involving criminal activity like a street gang where it’s “blood in blood out” it’s just a club but not a dark and scary club like Fight Club that like a street gang involves criminal activity and also involves punching each other in the head and so even though this club involves a violent videogame it still is considered a peaceful club and of course never involves doing anything illegal.

To play against or join the BGC clan call, text, or email me using the contact info on the homepage and if you are a member of another clan and want to play against us and are OK with the maps and the way we play them listed above we can figure out a time and date to have a clan battle and if you want to join the clan and are a good enough player (determined by playing with or against me for a little bit) then you will be admitted into the clan. An exemption of how good you are will be made if I’m friends with you in real life and/or you have some special Half-Life related skill like map making or figuring out the secrets of what codes exist and what the codes do.
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